Saturday, 17 June 2017

Thief caught @MaksinsHair portharcourt

Hey dolls,
It's been a while we posted anything on here but we really needed to put this out there so you all (expecially business owners ) will be vigilant.

On the 1st of June 2017 a young lady named M**r* came to visit a friend in same plaza where our outlet is situated then walked into our store in portharcourt and stole 12pieces of hair worth over N350,000 and some beauty products (lash/lipstick)but unluckily for her our security camera picked the footage.

She denied stealing until the clip was shown to the authorities and a friend to the person who she came to visit, I'm still not sure if the clip was shown to her but she owned up, apologized and promised to return all she took.

Her friend and others around also pleaded not to post the clip on social media which was understood because her image will be totally ruined.

This lady however returned only 8 pieces of hair and holding on to the rest with the excuse that she's been's 17th June today, almost 3 weeks now.... is such a person even sorry or wants to eat her cake and still have it??? I really want to post this video so bad and humiliate her because she is obviously unrepentant. I'm only holding on because of her friend/ my neighbor who had no idea she is a thief and wouldn't want to have his name messed up as he is from a royal background.

If however the stolen items are not returned before Monday morning as she claims, il post the video, our conversations (text and call recordings) and her full identity on our blog and share on facebook, Linda ikejis blog, stella dimokokos blog, Instablog, Instagram bloggers  then she can then keep the items and wear them in shame (if she has any) personally I'm excited to post this and teach the wicked soul a lesson as this can't be the first time she shoplifted


More info coming up 🔜